Teacher Tales: Mr. Nabholz


Mr. Nabholz is the in-school suspension teacher and can be found in room 106A on the first floor. He was a Major League Baseball player for the Montreal Expos, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, and the Chicago Cubs before coming to DHHL. Mr. Nabholz’s favorite lunch is turkey dinner, and his favorite movie is “Caddy Shack.” His two favorite things to do are to go to the beach and play golf. Mr. Nabholz has three children: Hannah; 22, Noah;19, and Emma;14. He also has one dog named Aasha.

If Mr. Nabholz could live anywhere else than Pottsville, he would live in San Diego. If Mr. Nabholz had one million dollars, he would split it with his three kids. His favorite kind of food is Italian food and he went to Towson University in Maryland. Mr. Nabholz has two older brothers, and his favorite school subject is math. If Mr. Nabholz had a dream vacation he would travel to Italy. I hope you liked learning about Mr. Nabholz!