Teacher Tales: Mrs. Houtz

Mrs. Houtz was born on May 6. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. Saturday or Sunday? It’s Saturday! I think a lot of people’s favorite day of the week is Saturday. On Saturdays, she plays with her puppy, Brandy and feeds her fish, Barnabas.

Mrs. Houtz went to school at Lebanon Valley College. Something that you may not know about her is that she wanted to be an accountant or a teacher. She is now a music teacher, a band instructor and a choir teacher for 5th and 6th grades.

If you ask her what her favorite thing to do in school out of all the things she does in school, she said it would be everything; she can’t pick a favorite. The xylophone is her favorite instrument to play. One place she would what to go on vacation to is anywhere she hasn’t gone to yet. She LOVES when kids learn something new about music!

She loves math. Lucky for Mrs. Houtz she is in her favorite time of the year, December, and on December 21 she’ll be in her favorite season, which is winter. The choir is having a holiday concert on Sunday, and she just can’t wait for all these kids to participate in the Christmas concert. Most people have one Christmas tree, but in her house, she has TWO!

I hope you liked learning about Mrs. Houtz.