Student Spotlight: Jo Barnhart

Jo Barnhart is a fifth grade student here at DHH Lengel Middle School. She is in Mrs. Digris’s class. Jo thinks the best part of middle school is being able to go places herself and having a locker. At home, Jo has a little sister named Lilah. She also has a dog named Pongo.

Some of the sports that Jo plays are softball, basketball, soccer, and gymnastics. Michael Jordan is her favorite professional athlete. Her favorite sport of all of those to play is basketball because she thinks it is a fun and interactive sport. That also might be why Michael Jordan is her favorite professional athlete. Although Jo plays many sports now, she was a dancer when she was younger.

If Jo was granted three wishes, they would be to have a bunch of dogs, to be rich, and to be with friends and family all the time. Her favorite vacation is going to the beach with her family. She loves the movie “Jumanji.” These are some fun facts about Jo!