Read and Reviews!


Showing off my most recent book I’ve read! Milk and Honey by Rubi Kaur is a gorgeous poetry book. I recomendable you pick it up at the school or local library.

BANG! The car door slams. Clack, clack. The heels meet the ground outside your door. Tick, tick, tick. The clock upon your wall repeats.

There are countless distractions in your everyday life. From the Google classroom assignments nagging you to your own chores at home. You need a break. Reading is a great way to occupy your mind while showing yourself self love. Did you know reading reduces stress by 68%? Well with that being said, here are some recent read and rates from PAHS students.

Jake Montmery read, We are the Weather by Jonathon Safran Foer. His rating of this piece is an 8.5/10Jake said, “He talks about how climate change is such a hard topic for people to want to act upon. There are many sacrifices to living a much more sustainable life. Like cutting down plastic usage can be an inconvenience. He also brings up the best solution for us as a species to survive. I take off -1.5 because it has an abnormal continuity in it. His wording isn’t very smooth. I didn’t really like his transitions, it felt awkward sometimes.”

Kaitlyn Cicero read. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. She rates this classic novel a 10/10. Kaitlyn said, “It had so many emotions and talked about topics that normally aren’t talked about. Also I usually don’t like the movies they make of books but I thought the movie was just as good. I would change nothing!”
Alyssa Sherif is reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. So far she’s given this book a 10/10 rating. Alyssa said, “I’ve been working on reading through the Harry Potter series. I’ve loved the movies ever since I was young. I’m extremely happy that I decided to read the books because I get to see so many important scenes that the movie didn’t show. One of my favorite things is seeing how detailed and intense Quidditch is in the books compared to the movies.” She had nothing but nice things to say about this novel.
Look at all those options! You deserve a good book, take this as your motivation. Make sure to post about your favorite or most recent book on instagram. Tag us @pahs_publications!