Final Act Gone Awry


Image by nile from Pixabay

Standing in the ongoing emptiness of my head,

Memories begin to flash and spread.

I stare at moments of love and joy aghast,

And soon I’m waltzing with the pleasant times passed.

As time grows faster, my dance will soon come to an end,

The clock points to closure followed by a new beginning around the bend.

I see myself and those close to me in the vivid paintings of memory,

I stare at the needle and thread stitching these past few years’ summary.

New Knowledge learned from New People, who’ve shown me New Love.

Love I hadn’t been shown before these few years I’ll be reminiscent of.

I dread to leave, though we must move on.

We shan’t be forgotten, even if it’s death we come upon.

I prepare for the final dance where the spotlight beams,

And I gaze into the screens displaying my dreams.

But suddenly the predicting tapestry begins to tear,

I hold on to hope, with one last prayer.

I hold my tattered wishes, plans and memories in my hands.

While trying to piece them together desperately, I feel them begin to turn to sand.

Slowly, what I’ve worked and waited for begins to fade,

Through these years, what we’ve earned becomes decayed.

Withering away in my palms lies my final dance.

Our endings turn to dust, there’s no more chance.

I watch as what I’ve longed for finally disappears.

The silence of Lost Faith cuts through my ears.

My hands grip tight on my shattered heart.

Tears stream out of my eyes as my world falls apart.

I look around at my memories once more,

There is one place left unfinished forevermore.

Our endings have been unjustly ripped from our souls.

We were so close, just one small reach from our goals.

We are left undone, abandoned and alone,

What is there to look forward to when all hope has flown?

I must know we are together although I am numb and isolated.

I must remember I am loved when separated.

For those who I love there will be no final GoodBye.

Life has no solution for the final act gone awry.