Meet Artist Catori Mike



“All About Me Painting”

Catori Mike is in 7th grade at D.H.H. Lengel Middle School. This painting was inspired by the artist Charles Demuth. For this project, students were required to use paint and to incorporate their favorite number. Mike used the number 13 because she will be turning 13 years old.


Q&A with Catori Mike

E.G.: What are your favorite colors to use?

CM:   My favorite colors to use are pretty blue, bubblegum pink, lime green and neon purple.

E.G.: What is your favorite medium to use?

CM:  Paint and clay because I like how you can get creative with the paint and clay.

E.G.: Why do you enjoy art class?

CM:    Miss Palina makes it fun and interesting. Also I get to draw what I imagine.

E.G.:  What are looking forward to doing in art class?

CM:    Clay, because you create want you want and it’s fun to sculpt.

E.G.:   What kind of art do you want to create in the future?

CM:     Maybe like a fun future picture, like a graduation cap and a diploma or a house.

E.G.:   What kind of art classes do you want to take in high school?

CM:     Photography because I’m obsessed with pictures.

E.G.:    Who gives you inspiration when you are creating your artwork?

CM:      Miss Palina. She pushes me to try my best, and it works.