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Quiz Team Wins Silver Medal Two Years in a Row

The Quiz Team took a trip to Penn State Schuylkill to compete with other schools, and got second place. After the tournament ended, adviser Ms. Hobbs took them to McDonald’s. “It was really fun, and I enjoyed the McDonald’s,” said senior Noah Fredericks.

Tanya Johnson, Staffer

March 13, 2020

For the second year in a row, Pottsville’s Quiz Team earned the silver medal at Penn State Schuylkill. Blue Mountain won first place, and Minersville got third. On Monday, March 9, 2020 the Quiz Team went against other schools in a tournament. The tournament was held at Penn State Schuylkill  arou...

Tide TV with Jdaubs

An introduction to Josh's new series.

Indiana Raess-Sausser, Staffer

February 21, 2020

Joshua Daubert introduces his new series on Tide TV.

Guess That Teacher

Can you guess this teacher before his/her identity is revealed? Read to find out!

Samantha Woodford, Staffer

February 13, 2020

From a cowboy hat hidden in the back of his classroom, to a Nerf gun stashed in his desk drawer, students never know what this teacher will do next. Will he tell a corny science joke? Or maybe even show you his favorite newest meme?

Hoodie Season?

Two students walk down the hallway at PAHS while wearing their hoodies with their hoods up. The Pottsville Area School District has had a strict ‘no hoodie policy’ since May 13 of 2009, and now has taken a next step to confiscate any hoodies worn during the school day. “I’m not a big fan of the hoodie policy, but if a teacher would say to take it off, I do. But if it’s very cold, I usually go through the day with the hoodie,” sophomore Justice Lewis said.

Josh Daubert, Contributor

November 22, 2019

‘Tis the season to dress warmer. Hoodies seem to be the mood during this time of year, but there is a time and place for them. One of those places is not in school during the school day. At the end of October, PAHS has announced that they will be confiscating the hoodies of students for the whole school...

What’s a Quiz Team?

Members of the quiz team at practice listen to the questions until they think they have an answer and buzz in. The quiz team has been going strong under the direction of Mrs. Krista Torpey for three years. Senior Victoria Oswald said,

Michael Johnson-Ponce, Editor

January 18, 2019

     The Pottsville Quiz Team is one of the school’s best kept secrets. If you’ve ever seen a trivia show like Jeopardy, you already have an idea of what they do. Quiz team matches are like trivia competitions; someone will read questions about random topics, and whenever someone answers a ...

Detective Pikachu Trailer Review

Freshman Tanya Johnson is watching the trailer for Detective Pikachu before school. The trailer was released on November 12 and will be coming out next summer.

Michael Johnson-Ponce, Editor

December 4, 2018

  Warner Bros. released the trailer for Detective Pikachu on November 12, and it’s taken the internet by storm. The trailer on YouTube already has over 49 millions views. That could mean that it was watched by almost 50 million people (or, fewer than 50 people have been watching the trailer on rep...

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