Detective Pikachu Trailer Review


Michael Johnson-Ponce

Freshman Tanya Johnson is watching the trailer for Detective Pikachu before school. The trailer was released on November 12 and will be coming out next summer. “It seems like an interesting movie. I used to like the tv show when I was younger, so this should be fun to watch,” Tanya said.

  Warner Bros. released the trailer for Detective Pikachu on November 12, and it’s taken the internet by storm. The trailer on YouTube already has over 49 millions views. That could mean that it was watched by almost 50 million people (or, fewer than 50 people have been watching the trailer on repeat for the past couple weeks). It doesn’t seem that unlikely given the mixed reception of the trailer. People either love it or hate it, but what is it about the trailer that’s giving people this reaction?

    The thought of a movie with such an outrageous title probably gave everyone a weird feeling in their stomachs when they heard it, but the trailer turned those feelings around. The first shot of the trailer is breathtaking, showing off the caliber of CGI this movie has. Special effects can often make or break a movie, but this one has nailed it. The Pokémon aren’t so realistic that they’re uncanny, but are still cartoonish enough that they feel like Pokémon. This is only helped by the neon color palette the movie seems to be going for.

    The trailer opens with a bit of music that would send chills to anyone who has ever booted up a Pokémon game. It’s unmistakable that the people who made this movie had a clear passion and creativity behind their work. There are so many Pokémon hidden in the background that most people would only notice if they watched the trailer several times. The trailer plays that everyone knows, but no one knows the words to: “Happy Together.” It’s fitting for what the overall theme seems to be, teaming up with friends to accomplish a goal.

    The trailer had its fair share of jokes. Some people think that Danny DeVito would’ve been a better fit for the role, but Ryan Reynolds does a great job. It’s nothing that will have people rolling on the floor laughing, but the script is comical enough to have most chuckling throughout the film.

    Some students have doubts about how good this movie could really be. Junior Eli Brennan said, “Detective Pikachu will get good box office returns, but only because Ryan Reynolds is in it. It’s going to be crap, but Ryan Reynolds can sell me crap and I’d happily buy it.”

    Ryan Reynolds may be the most marketable thing about this movie, but the fact that his face is hidden behind a computer animated pikachu shows that this movie has more to offer than a big star. The trailer focuses more on Justice Smith’s character; he is an actor most people have probably never seen or heard of before. Even if Detective Pikachu turns out to be not the best movie, it will still likely be the best video game movie ever made, and by far the best Pokémon movie. It’s a bit strange that the first live-action Pokemon movie is based off of a relatively unknown side game rather than a main series title about becoming a champion, but if the trailer is anything to go by, this movie will be a blast.