Preparing for four-day school

As you all know, we will hopefully return to school four days per week at some point this school year. If we want to get a full return to school, we have to be wise. Let’s prepare for school with a few steps.

First, you can go and buy some hand sanitizer and hand wipes. These can help when you need to sanitize your hands or your iPad. It is necessary to sanitize your iPad after someone else touches it.

Next, you can start bringing your own headphones. This year, teachers can’t provide loaner headphones for work because of COVID-19.

Finally, you can make sure you are following social distancing guidelines and staying at least six feet away from others in school whenever possible. You also should avoid touching your face and rubbing your eyes, and you should wash and sanitize your hands often.

Sneezing can be a problem, so make sure to bring tissues. It’s also a good idea to have extra masks handy just in case.

Make sure to stay safe!