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Preparing for four-day school

Preparing for four-day school
October 30, 2020

As you all know, we will hopefully return to school four days per week at some point this school year. If we want to get a full return to school, we have to be wise. Let's prepare for school with a few...

Students and staff weigh in on masks

Mr. Sterner is taking safety precautions by wearing his mask while teaching class. Masks were made a requirement in order to enter the building at Pottsville Area. Mr. Sterner said, “I find it is much more difficult to get to know my students, only getting to see kids no more than 2 days a week and only seeing half of their faces while they are here.”
October 1, 2020

With the rise of COVID-19, precautions have been taken to prevent the spread of the disease. Wearing a mask and maintaining a six foot distance from others have become prerequisites to enter many businesses...

School Violence: The Series

School Violence: The Series
How Media Portrays School Shootings
March 12, 2020

“More than 240,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine.” Laughter and happiness was all gone in seconds. In this case gunshots were the reason it was taken away. Sadly,...

Juuling and Vaping: Monkey See Monkey Do

Students walk down the halls in the DHH Lengel Middle School. Soon posters warning students about Juuling and vaping will be hung in these hallways. “Juuling and Vaping have not been around long enough for us to know how harmful they may be,” said Ms. Alyssa Palina.
September 20, 2019

One hit, that’s all it takes. The nicotine raises your blood pressure and spikes your adrenaline. This increases your heart rate and the chance of you having a heart attack. Between the years 2011...

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