In It to Win It- Starting Off the Season with a New Coach


Sophomore Julia Plachko stands under the net waiting to receive the ball at practice in the 2018-2019 season. Many players like Plachko are returning this season with a new coach. Plachko said, “I am looking forward to playing with all the girls and having a lot of fun.”

New year, new season. The JV girls and Varsity girls basketball team has a new coach this year; Mr. Mike Dooley. The team has been preparing for their season since the beginning of summer and continued to practice through the fall. With countless hours of hard work and determination, they hope to start their season off with a bang. Starting new things with people that are new can be a fearsome but also all exhilarating experience. 

Mr. Dooley said,”With this being my first head coaching experience, I was immediately excited for the opportunity to be a part of the school’s rich sports traditions. After meeting the team, I understood that we have a great group of kids who are willing to commit to offseason workouts on a consistent basis.” 

Dooley couched at other schools before he started coaching at Pottsville Area High School, and had the experience with coaching and playing basketball. 

Dooley said, “ I started my coaching career in 2013 at Phoenixville High School, while still in college at Temple University. I coached at Phoenixville for 3 years. I also got to be a volunteer practice player and learn from the Temple Women’s Staff, which was big in my development as a coach. I then coached at Cecil College in Maryland for a season after I graduated college, and then did 2 years at Alvernia University. And now I am here.” 

As a coach, having a bond with your team and the people you are coaching is important. “I specifically love coaching this group of kids. They have shown me time and time again that they believe in me as a coach and will work hard and fight through tough times. I’m looking forward to bringing excitement and energy back into the program, and for us to win a lot of basketball games this winter. I want to make this program one that the players, parents and community can be proud of.” 

As with any change, some were upset about the change of coaches. However, many players are excited to experience a new coaching style and fans are excited for the upcoming basketball season. 

Sophomore, Varsity basketball player, Julia Plachko said, “ I was very upset when I found out that we were getting a new coach, because I really liked Coach Ziegmont. I also felt very happy that we were getting a new coach, because I knew that he would believe in us and help the program a lot. Although I do miss Coach Ziegmont, Coach Mike is really changing the program around and is an amazing coach.”