Hunting Season is in Full Swing


Courtesy of Shannon Dalton

Senior Madison Dalton shot her first deer of the deer archery season. Dalton has been hunting for several years and hoped for the coming seasons. “My favorite part about hunting is sitting in the wilderness for hours and watching animals do their thing, in the wild-completely unaware of my presence. There is absolutely nothing cooler than that and I also love being able to spend quality time with my dad.”

Creeping through the woods, you see what you have been looking for all morning.

That’s right hunting fans, it’s that time of the year again! Hunting season! Hunters are getting their firearms ready, putting on camo and picking out the best spot to hunt. 

Deer archery season started on October 5 and lasts until November 16 for this area of Pennsylvania. Rifle season begins soon after Thanksgiving. 

Freshman Evan Donnelly is super excited for hunting season. Donnelly said, “I can’t wait to be in the woods every morning. I hope to hit a bigger buck than last year.” 

Donnelly is very cautious because one false move could result in him being seriously injured. He said, “To be safe I wear an orange vest and hat when my rifle is out and I always need to identify the target.” 

Hunters must be at least ten years of age to legally take a firearms and/or an archery safety course. Persons ages ten through fifteen need a junior license to hunt. Those sixteen or older may possess an adult hunting license.

The popularity of females that hunt has grown rapidly in the past few years. In 1990, less than three percent of hunters were female. As of 2015, over ten percent of hunters were female. Now in 2019, roughly fifteen percent of hunters are female. 

Sophomore Lauren Klinger said, “My favorite part is spending quality time with my dad and being outdoors. It’s a total stress reliever from school and helps clear your mind. I feel like it is a great thing that more women are taking on hunting. It really gives a new meaning when you can talk to your friends and their moms about hunting.”

In Pennsylvania, the State Game Commission has been debating whether or not they will add three Sundays to the hunting season. Hunters all around loved the idea, while some people that aren’t hunters aren’t too thrilled with the idea. 

Freshman Ava Jefferson said, “Adding three Sundays would mean a better chance of being able to kill an animal, because it gives hunters more time in a season.”