The Rivalry Continues


Marcayla Lutzkanin

Junior Kalie Conrad shoots a free throw while other Tide players surround her. The Eagles waited anxiously as she shot the ball. “Our last game went very well because Pottsville was able to walk off the court with a win,” said Senior Alexa Cesari.

The Blue Mountain vs. Pottsville game is always something the students and athletes look forward to. Fans fill up the stands to watch the thrilling games between the opposing teams. According to PAHS athletes, the competition between the Eagles and Tide has a different intensity level than other matches because they are the biggest rival.

Swimming and Diving

The Crimson Tide had a loss against the Eagles at the January 15th meet. The PAHS boy’s team had a few wins in several swim events though. The PAHS girl divers had a clean sweep and took home 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Tide ended up losing for both the boys (82-103)  and girls (75-107).

Senior Hannah Kruppenbach said, “Competing against Blue Mountain is just stressful like other sport, it’s always close because they’re our rival school. The meet actually went really good this year. I think the team should work on harder dives for next year.”

Sophomore Jake Montgomery said, “With Blue Mountain, we know there’s more pressure on our shoulders than any other meet because of our rivalry. Our first meet this season wasn’t as successful as we thought it would be, but our next game will hopefully go better. We just need to practice hard and give it our all next time.”


The PAHS wrestling team took the “W” at the match against Blue Mountain on December 19. The ending score was 32-27.

Sophomore RJ Quinn said, “When your team is at the top and everyone is gunning for you it makes things more interesting and even more fun when you win.”

Varsity Girls Basketball

The Lady Tide also had a win against the Eagles on January 9th. The final score was 38-35.

Senior Alexa Cesari said, “Playing against Blue Mountain is always a challenge because they are our biggest rival. This game has a different Kind of intensity to it because each team wants to win. Our last game went very well because Pottsville was able to walk off the court with a win.”

Varsity Boys Basketball

The boy’s basketball team took the win on the court as well. The final score for the January 8th game was 63-45.

Sophomore Nico Boris said, “Competing against Blue Mountain is just another is just another game. Yes there’s a lot of hype around it but for every game we look to play with the same energy as we do against them. This year we played extremely well against Blue Mountain.”