PASD looks back at Thanksgiving Break


Courtesy of Alexi J. Rosenfeld

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade celebrated 96 years this past Thanksgiving. The annual event included 12 marching bands, 28 floats, and 16 giant character balloons.

The time of year where you gather with family and friends to have a feast and be thankful for the life we have has come to an end. Students and staff at PASD were looking forward to the break, which started on Wednesday November 23rd, with a half day.

PAHS was dismissed at 11:00.

“I really enjoyed sleeping in and eating food. Honestly doing the things that I’ve been wanting to do since the beginning of the school year,” said senior Gwen Biddle. “I really liked making the green bean casserole and sweet potato casseroles this year. I also love having pumpkin pie!”

“I enjoyed Thanksgiving break because I think my peers and I needed a mental break from the workload we have had at school,” said junior Samarra Reedy. “I had my family over on Thanksgiving day. We have 16 people this year that we had to cook for. I also went to a TSO Concert while on break.”

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and thankful for what you have. Many different clubs and groups from PAHS collected Thanksgiving non-perishables and perishable items to give to families in need on Wednesday, November 23.

“I am in Student Council, Foreign Language Club, Sketch Club, Mini Thon, and AID,” said Biddle. “I delivered baskets for the Student Council. It makes me feel so helpful and thankful to have these opportunities to spread happiness and joy during the holidays.”
DHHL was dismissed at 11:30.

“I had so much fun on my Thanksgiving break, because I got the chance to spend time with my relatives and ate yummy food,” 7th grader Megan Goodman, a DHHL student. “My personal favorite Thanksgiving food was pumpkin pie because I’ve always preferred the desserts we have.”

JSC was dismissed at noon.

“I got to spend time with my mom and dad,” 1st grader William Martin, a JSC student. “I ate turkey and ham because they are my favorite Thanksgiving foods.”

Over Thanksgiving break not only did many spend time with family and friends and eat, but many did Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping and went hunting.

On Friday November 25th Black Friday shopping began although some places started on Thanksgiving day. Many went shopping and had a good time with family and friends while finding great deals. “I go Black Friday shopping every year. That’s when my sisters and I shop for our Christmas gifts and make a sister’s shopping trip out of it,” said Biddle. On Monday November 28th Cyber Monday took place where you could find many great deals online.

“I enjoyed Black Friday shopping because I love buying essentials for the holiday season, and I think it’s a good time to begin gift shopping,” said Goodman. “I also enjoyed the Cyber Monday deals because you get the chance to get the same rare opportunities, but now you can do it all online.”

PASD resumed school on November 29th. Although coming back to school is not liked by many. Winter Prom is right around the corner, on Saturday December 3rd.