Juniors running for Snowflake Princess


Courtesy of Mrs. Hummel

The top three candidates Brenna McGowan, Emma Seiger and Alaina Bartashus were selected to compete in the Winter Carnival. They will now move on to compete with other girls around the county to be Snowflake Princess.

At PAHS, junior girls ran for a chance to be in the top three contestants that got to go to the winter carnival to compete to become a Snowflake princess.

On Friday November 11, students voted for three candidates out of the eight running, voting was closed at 9:00 am. The finalists were Brenna McGowan, Emma Seiger, and Alaina Bartashus.

“I was really happy to hear my name announced in the top three, and I’m really excited to run with the other great girls I’m representing Pottsville with,” Seiger said.

“The fact that I was chosen by the student body to represent our school means so much to me. I am definitely excited to compete, but also a little nervous, too!” McGowan said.

Kylie Morris said “I ran for Winter Carnival to get myself out there and try to get out of my comfort zone.” McGowan felt the same way “I ran for winter carnival because I told myself that this was my year to break out of my shell and be more confident.”

Two to three contestants are nominated to participate from their sending school district. “I am incredibly thankful that the school supported me as much as they did.” McGowan said.

The people who ran were Kylie Morris, Madison Eroh, Brenna McGowan, Emma Seiger, Alaina Bartashus, Alaina Bauers, Kennice Goodman, and Annabella Chaklos.

To be eligible to run at your school district you have to be an 11th grade female student that attends school in Schuylkill County.
“Although I didn’t get voted in I am very happy with the contestants running this year and I feel they will do great!” Morris said.

The top three candidates will move on to go to the Winter Carnival. They will compete with others from the county to become the Snowflake princess. “I am looking forward to competing, and meeting all the other girls from the rest of the county.” said Seiger.