Using Creativity to Express


Trapped. There is nowhere to go. No one to talk to. You need to speak your mind, but how? The judgment is too harsh. Expressing yourself in literature or even music can take off some of this pressure. But what about art? It’s not just a class in schools. It’s an escape.

Madison Auman, grade 8, decided to submit her Starry Night painting. It was her favorite project this quarter. Her favorite things about art class are the different projects they do and the freedom Miss Palina gives her within each project.

Ava Ciarvella, grade 7, submitted her Charles Demuth inspired project because she enjoyed the splattered painting. She enjoys art class because of the fun projects they do and also because the class lets her learn about artists she doesn’t know about, like Charles Demuth.

Brack Brown, grade 5, submitted his 3D name project. He enjoyed the name project because he got to use his favorite colors. His favorite thing about Miss Palina is her kindness. “She teaches us how to do stuff if we don’t know how to do it. She’s helpful.”



Emma Dries chose to submit her Georgia O’Keefe project. This is her favorite project she’s done with Miss Palina. “She (O’Keefe) has something in common with me. We like nature and flowers and bright colors.” Her favorite thing about Miss Palina is that she’s helpful.


Behind the scenes encouraging these young artists is Miss Alyssa Palina. She is a DHH Lengel Middle School teacher of seven years. Sadly she’s leaving our district this year, but before she leaves she would like all her students to remember these words: “Please always be your best self, be kind to others, and always try your hardest and everything you do.”