Pressed offers cozy winter respite


Photo courtesy of Pressed Coffee and Books

Pressed Coffee and Books is this cute little café on Mahantongo Street. Pressed opens its doors in December of 2018. Pressed has become popular ever since then. It is locally owned and operated as a small business. Pressed offers a variety of coffee, teas, hot chocolate, crepes, and baked goods. Pressed also offers books, which you can read there or buy them. The coffee is Passenger Coffee out of Lancaster, PA.

8th grader Chase Teresavage said,” The crepes are good and it’s good to hang out with friends.”

You can go to Pressed to hang out with friends, do your homework, or just to enjoy the great atmosphere. The staff members are really nice and helpful. As a coffee lover myself, I highly recommend Pressed. Mrs. Miller recommends the caramel latte, and her sister-in-law loves the London fog. It is nice to have a different place to hang out that isn’t the usual places around Pottsville. Pressed is very welcoming.

”The service is good and it’s fun to chill there,” 8th grader Bria Krasnitsky said.