How Students Spent a COVID Valentine’s Day

“I just adore how passionate my partner is. We’re spending our Valentine’s Day watching horror movies and exchanging gifts,” said senior Arron Salisbury. 

Don’t feel too lonely after reading that! Did you know that fifty-three percent of women and 47% of men are single on Valentine’s Day? You hear that all my independent ladies and men? 

Let’s dive into the students at PAHS’s love life, shall we? From the single to the taken, this should be good. 

Single gal, Vanessa Biddle made vegan red velvet pancakes for breakfast. Then she watched the movie “Valentine’s Day” with her friends Katie Brennan and Tanya Johnson! 

“My favorite part of my day was when we got brownie batter donuts from Dunkin! They are the best.” Said Vanessa Biddle.

Single gal, Chloe Heintz had a Galentine’s day to remember. She spent her day with a friend, Hailey Mundy at the Crimson House.

“My favorite part of my day was spending a special holiday with a special person. I appreciate my best friend.” Said Chloe Heintz.

Single boy, Dylan Strokelitus had a Broentine’s day with some of his favorite teammates. He spent the 14th in the net at Palmyra to play soccer.

“My favorite part was enjoying time with my friends. With everything going on it’s nice to see them.” Said Dylan Strokelitus.

All single students! Well would you look at that. No matter how you spent your holiday I hope you were safe and enjoyed time with your loved ones. From Emma and I at the ETC staff, we wish you a happy belated Valentine’s Day!