Every Sonnet Has Its Own Story



Everyone has written a poem, whether it was for an English class or just for fun. Even if you didn’t want to write a poem, you still probably tended to make it about something that relates to you in some way. 

Freshman Cayla Crespo was asked to write a sonnet for Miss. Heather Jenkins’ English 9 class. The sonnet had to follow certain guidelines such as: must me fourteen lines, three quatrains, one couplet, follow a certain rhyme scheme, and must it be about love.

Crespo exceeded the expectations of Jenkin’s assignment because she knew what she was writing about. “I like to write my thoughts down into either a song or a poem because it helps with stress,” said Crespo. Writing down her emotions really helped her shape and construct her sonnet. After getting her own ideas, she began the construction process.

 Crespo quickly had an idea of what to write, due to all the recent emotions had been experiencing. “Since it [love] is such a hard thing to deal with, it didn’t take long because of all the emotions I was going through,” she said. With all of the effort she put into it, in the end it worked to her favor in creating the sonnet she wanted.

Crespo not only writes poems for herself, but she also makes them for others to relate to. “People can relate because everyone goes through relationship problems at least once in their life,” she said. “Having this available for people to read when they’re down is great so they can know they’re never alone. When I went through a relationship problem, what helped me get through it was knowing that there are other people going through similar situations and that I wasn’t alone,” she said. 

If you are interested in reading Cayla Crespos sonett “My Heart Goes On and On” then check it out here:

My Heart Goes On and On

My heart goes on and on about your lies

I kinda just wonder – baby oh why 

I’m not really sure if I should be surprised

But now you should know you don’t gotta lie

You broke my heart one too many times

All I do now is cry

And it should be a crime 

Baby please oh why?

Once – I’ll tell you

But I won’t tell you twice

Despite all I’ve been through

I’m already being nice

You broke my heart

You tore it apart