250 rule prevents spectators from attending football games


The Pottsville Area High School football team was pumping before their game against Minersville. This year is the first year without any spectators attending because of COVID-19 regulations. “Well honestly it’s still kind of a bummer that we can’t have everyone at the games but other than I think I’m kinda used to it for now. These past few games I think we showered everyone that we can bounce back from a devastating loss, there were a few mental mistakes but we came back, ROLL TIDE,” said junior Travontai Davis.

The new COVID-19 regulations made it so that only 250 people can attend the football games. The 250 spectator limit includes the band, the football team, the cheerleaders, and coaches.

It has been a new adjustment for everyone, especially for the students and parents who usually attend the games.

“By far the strangest football game I’ve ever been around in my 30 years of being Athletic Director. I played here, I’ve coached here and I have never seen anything like that before. I’m glad that the football team, cheerleaders, and band got to participate,” said Athletic Director Mr. Rismiller.

Without people cheering, games are more silent than loud.

“Playing with no fans is a very different feeling but we as a team have adjusted to being able to create our own energy without fans being there,” said freshman Joey Palko.

“I felt more pressure without anyone there because I’m definitely the type of person that draws my confidence in performing from the crowd being excited. It’s so awkward because there was no one there to clap for the band while we’re performing,” said senior Maddie Condon.

People who aren’t able to attend games find different ways to see it, whether it be from the fence or through the live stream.

“I’m used to being a part of the band during games, and to not be able to stay after our performance was pretty sad. I sat at the fence with my fellow majorettes Allison Campion and Vanessa Biddle to watch the game and feel like we were at least somewhat part of it. We were able to hear the band but it was weird because we felt almost like spectators, which we are not used to,” said senior Katie Brennan.