Playoffs Equal Pep Rallies


Cheerleaders get ready to perform for the pep rally on stage in the auditorium. Tiana Green said, “ My favorite cheer we perform is of course everyone’s favorite ‘Give a Yell’. Everyone goes crazy and it’s the best cheer around in my opinion”.

     We’ve got spirit, we’ve got soul, just like butter, we’re on a roll! The Tide went into their game last week with a 8-1 record, taking the loss to North Schuylkill 29-7. Crimson Tide still has the chance to win Districts as long as they do not lose the next three games. 

     Saturday, November 2nd Pottsville plays Wilson at 3:30 at Veterans Memorial Stadium.  Entering into the first playoff games, the students got ready to cheer on their team Friday afternoon. The pep rally included a game show with seniors, and their parents who are teachers here at PAHS. 

     Football players look forward to the pep rallies on Friday’s to get pumped up for the game held later that day. 

    Junior Bobby Walchak said, “ I really just love the intensity the students give at the pep rallies. I really look forward to all the energy and cheering that go into it. I think it really gets me fired up to play the game.”

     Freshman Joseph Palko said “ On Fridays what I look forward to the most are the skits. Each week the clever seniors have everyone entertained with their hilarious skits.” 

     Not only do the students in the seats at the auditorium enjoy the pep rallies, but so do the cheerleaders. 

Senior cheerleader Caitlyn Murhon said “ As a cheerleader I look forward to getting the crowd and students energized for the game, since that is what the pep rallies are for. I enjoy getting everyone involved and watching them cheer for our school. My favorite cheer to perform is ‘2020’, which gives each class a chance to yell for their graduating year.” 

     A tradition here at Pottsville Area Pep Rallies is the spirit stick. Every pep rally, one student from each grade participates in the Spirit Stick. The student stands on stage while the students from there grade chants “ Go, go, go, go. Roll Tide.”

     Freshman Zoe Holden, who did the spirit stick at the pep rally, said, “ I was actually very excited to do the spirit stick. At first I was nervous because I don’t want to let the freshmen down. But it’s a great way to support our school spirit.” 

      The PAHS Pep Rally, held Friday, was a thrilling experience and everyone there expressed their Tide Pride! Come support the Crimson Tide as they take on the Wilson Warriors Saturday, November 2nd at 3:30.