Singing brings holiday cheer to Hospital workers


Courtesy of Alex Maley

Pottsville’s choir members, in front of their audience of nurses and doctors.

This holiday season Pottsville Area High School’s choir is going around hospitals to spread holiday cheer with their voices.They sang at South Jackson Lehigh Valley Hospital and Norwegian Lehigh Valley Hospital. The choir members plan on singing various Christmas songs, which include: Once Upon a December, Silver Bells, Christmas Canon, etc.

“My experience at the hospital today was good! It made me very happy to be able to perform in front of a crowd that works day in and day out to help people who are sick. So it was nice to show them a little appreciation for what they do.” said junior, Sophia Rulavage.

The Christmas concert was on Thursday, December 8. Mrs. Reinhard and Mrs. Libby switched between composing and playing between every song. They have been singing these songs since the third week of school and are ready to put them out to an audience after their hospital performances. Both hospital performances were extremely well received and everyone loved it.

“There is something to love about all the songs the choir is performing for our concert! But I would have to say my favorite song is Walking in the Air. I like that this is an uncommon Christmas song. It has a very atmospheric feeling to it, and I also enjoy playing the piano part,” said music teacher, Mrs. Emma Libby.

“So far, I am enjoying my first year at Pottsville! I have met a lot of great people, both students and teachers. There is always something interesting going on around here, and I love seeing students’ successes in different areas like music, sports, art, and various clubs,” said Libby.