Roller Roost II closes for good


With news of the Roller Roost II closing, many people were upset. Most of their them spent part of their childhood in the skating rink. “I had fun when I was a kid there. I spent my birthday parties there, so closing means that kids won’t get to experience the fun parties and great memories,” said Sophomore Makayla Sheraradin.

Open since 1980, the Roller Roost II is a roller skating rink known for its birthday parties, laser tag, and mini arcade. It was a place for friends and family to have fun and connect. 

Along with every other business closing because of the COVID-19 virus, the Roller Roost II has joined their ranks. Although the outbreak has affected many of the businesses, it’s not the main reason why the popular roller rink is shutting down. Someone is buying out the roller rink. 

No matter how old, the Roller Roost II was a hangout spot for all ages. 

“When I was younger, I had my birthday party at the Roller Roost II and everyone had a lot of fun playing laser tag, hanging out in the arcade, and of course skating. It’s sad to see the Roller Roost II go, but I’m glad to have made some great memories over the years,” said sophomore Sydney Gerhard. 

“With news of the Roller Roost II closing down, it bums me out a bit. It was a place where my friends and I, and so many other people would go to hang out and have fun with the spare change we had. It was a place to meet new friends and really enjoy yourself. I had a birthday party there once and it was a great time,” said freshman Xaviere Phillip-Johnson. 

“One thing that has affected me due to the Roller Roost II closing is that I really enjoy roller skating. It’s a lot of fun, and it was the only thing to do since they took away our movie theater as well. Personally, I believe they should stop taking things away, and start making things better for the environment and people,” said 7th grader Allegra Hossler.

Besides the students who went there, many people worked there. 

“The Roller Roost II was not only a workplace for me, it was another home. So many of my close friends worked beside me, and it’s so sad to see it go but I’m glad I had so many unforgettable memories there,” said senior Janna Androshick.