Wildfires Continue to Spread Across California


"Wildfires in California 9 Nov 2018" by anttilipponen is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This satelite image shows California's wildfires from an aerial view.

Flame, wood and wind do not mix well together. These three elements create fire. When California’s wildfires started in 2018, many were put out of a home and relatives were scared for their families. Even though we live in Pennsylvania, the California wildfires affect us in a number of ways.

The fires are started by electric lines falling down and crash into trees.  “Generally the fires are spread through the wind,” Mr. Craig Everly, science teacher, said.

California produces wood and other necessities of life for the rest of the United States. “California is 2nd after Oregon in wood and wood products, lumber is one of the top 10 leading industries in the state,” according to www.cabrillo.edu

People have lost their homes and towns from these roaring fires. “My cousin lived in Magnolia, California which was a city where the fires went through. They ended up moving to a small town in Virginia because of them,” freshman Ava Jefferson said.  

Freshman Wyatt Selinko also has family members in California. They are not affected by the wildfires but with the persistence of the flame itself, they may one day. “I feel better that my family is not involved,” he said.