Life’s a Ride for John


John Matulevich is riding his bicycle from San Francisco to the Nevada/Utah border. He started his ride at the Golden Gate Bridge. “I decided to do this challenge based on my job as a performance coach combined with my own athletic background,” said Matulevich.

Did you ever have a passion to do something great for a cause? If you don’t, John Matulevich sure did and nothing stopped him from doing so. He grabbed his bicycle, took it to the road, and started his journey across the United States.

Matulevich began his adventure on August 24, 2019 in San Francisco, California at the Golden Gate Bridge. The routes he chose to ride on were the Western Express and TransAmerica to tackle the serious terrain. 

John is both a swim coach for PAHS and a business owner which both gave him the determination to take on this physically exhausting ride across the United States, along with providing aid for the animal rescues at Hillside SPCA and Back in Black Dog Rescue.

Matulevich said,“I decided to do this challenge based on my job as a performance coach combined with my own athletic background, which began with the swim team at Pottsville. I decided to cross the United States by bicycle because I thought it was a big enough challenge that it would do a good job in raising awareness for the animal rescues I’m riding for (Hillside SPCA + Back in Black Dog Rescue).”

“There were numerous pieces that combined to be my motivation. Most people can live their whole lives without a serious physical challenge like this and I thought that adding some adversity in my life could ultimately improve my life while showing myself and others that we’re capable of more than we think when we stop making excuses,” said Matulevich.

A 4,000 mile bike ride is no easy task. From riding on steep hills, to rocky stretches of land, John was confronted with many challenges. 

“The most challenging part of the journey was Utah. I thought Nevada would be worst, but the rapid changes in the landscape, temperature, and road gradients were all factors that made the ride through Utah very challenging. In some places I’d be over 100 miles from the nearest town and in the heat finding water was tough at times.”

Inspiring others is a reason why people take on difficult challenges. As for John, he is trying to motivate others, but he also wants to prove something to himself. 

“In a sense I am trying to inspire others but ultimately everyone’s decisions are their own. If anything people should see that even though I own my own business and have a house with a long term girlfriend, two dogs, and 10 chickens, I could still make this 43-day bicycle challenge a reality,” stated Matulevich. 

John Matulevich’s 43 day bike ride will conclude on October 4, 2019. He will be entering Garfield’s Square in Pottsville, Pennsylvania and ending his journey there.