Lengel introduces “Lengel’s Tide Spotlight”

Did you know that DHH Lengel is now naming chosen students “Students of the Month?” Well, they are! This year, Student Council is sponsoring “Lengel’s Tide Spotlight,” students of the month. Each month, two students from each grade level are nominated to be students of the month by some of their teachers. They are nominated based on a monthly characteristic. The winners for each month receive a certificate and a prize. The winners are also announced on the morning announcements.

The characteristic for September was responsibility, and the characteristic of October was respect.

The winners for September were:

5th grade: Eylon Lawrence (nominated by Mrs. Kurtz) and Haley Sutton (nominated by Mrs. Snyder)

6th grade: EmmaJoan Fox (nominated by Mrs. Clemson) and Brody Kline (nominated by Mrs. Fehr)

7th grade: Michael Baser (nominated by Ms. Edling) and Justine Siminitus (nominated by Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Miller, and Ms. Zimmerman)

8th grade: Tsirell Curry (nominated by Mr. Blankenhorn) and Lizzy Martinko (nominated by Mrs. Ferdoucha)

The winners for October were:

5th grade: Della Drouncheck (nominated by Ms. Shappell) and Dmitri Crochunis (nominated by Miss Wood)

6th grade: Colin McGinley (nominated by Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Miller, and Mr. Kraft) and Brandon Marshall (nominated by Mr. Blankenhorn and Mrs. Fehr)

7th grade: Tyler Sibbett (nominated by Mrs. Holobetz) and Quinn Evans (nominated by Ms. Edling)

8th grade: Lainey Dusel (nominated by Mr. Tenaglia and Miss Jenkins) and Tahlil Flucker-White (nominated by Mr. Schuettler)

So, if you want to be nominated for student of the month, make sure you always work hard, it’ll pay off!