Lengel PBIS continues pretzel and iced tea sale


Photo courtesy of Ms. Ashley Shappell

Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Fehr, and Mrs. Sophy pose on a Friday afternoon during the PBIS pretzel and iced tea sale.

Every other Tuesday and Friday, students in learning groups A and B can purchase pretzels, iced tea, orange drink, and lollipops at the PBIS sale. The sale occurs at 2:30 p.m. on all three floors. The pretzel and iced tea sale benefits PBIS and all of the money raised goes back into activities and treats for the students and staff. All items cost $1 except lollipops, which are 2/$1. The next sale for learning group B will be Friday, November 6; the next sale for learning group A will be Tuesday, November 10.

“I really like the pretzel and iced tea sale because I like walking home from school with a snack,” 6th grader Brody Kline said.

The sale was originally started by the Mothers’ Football Boosters but was eventually taken over by the DHHL PBIS Committee.

Some changes to the sale had to be made due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including splitting the sale into two days so that all students have a chance to purchase. Additionally, all pretzels are individually bagged now for sanitary reasons.

The sale is a great thing for our school that directly benefits students, and it will continue on Fridays once students return to school four days per week.