Kobe Bryant remembered by students

As many of you may know a basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, died on January 26th in a helicopter crash with his daughter Giana and 7 others who were on their way to Giana’s basketball game. Kobe was drafted directly out of high school to the NBA, where he played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 20 years. Kobe was a role model for all people and showed tremendous dedication and a hard-working attitude for the game of basketball.

5th grade student, Rhyan Brennan, said that he made a difference in her life by showing her to be thankful for what she has and to be a team player. 5th grader, Megan Yost, said that Kobe inspired her to play the game of basketball more. 6th grader, Maggie Brennan, said that Kobe taught her to work hard.

When I asked,” What did you do when you heard about this heartbreaking news?” they all said they were devastated and upset for the family. Kobe Bryant inspired people to live with a positive and hard-working attitude. We’ll mourn his sudden tragic death and D.H.H. Middle School sends its sincere condolences to the Bryant family. We will miss you, Kobe. Rest In Peace.