Lengel Student Council sweetens students’ days

Lengel Student Council sweetens students' days

Have you heard of Candy Grams? Candy Grams are a lollipop, candy cane, or some type of candy that you can buy for another person or yourself for the holiday. Here at D.H.H Lengel we sell Candy Grams for a special holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) Each holiday, student council gives a holiday themed name to the Candy Grams. For example, the name for Halloween was Spooky Grams, Thanksgiving was Turkey Grams, and Christmas was Jingle Grams.

You can buy the Candy Grams at lunch or in room 206 during homeroom. Candy Grams are usually 50 cents for students, but prices can vary throughout the school year. When Candy Grams are for sale, find a poster in school with more  information. Student Council members will also be around to homerooms selling Candy Grams.

Now that you know more about Candy Grams, make sure you think about purchasing one for someone this Valentine’s Day!