5th graders participate in annual trade fair

On Friday, May 4, the 5th grade classes had an opportunity to trade and barter wares that they created with wares created by their classmates. A ware, in this project, is something you create with minimal help from your parents and only a small amount of money. The time the students were given to create their wares was 3-4 weeks. Once in school, students had to complete multiple projects to make sure they understood what barter and trade meant. Students put a lot of time and effort into their projects, since it was worth a grade. If you visited the cafeteria that day, you were able to catch a glimpse of all of the different and creative wares being offered for trade. The 5th grade class really enjoys the trade fair and it is a tradition that is great to continue for future classes.

As you can tell, the 5th graders were creative and put a lot of time and effort into their awesome wares. I hope you enjoyed learning about and seeing some of the different wares made at the 5th grade trade fair.