Title I sponsored “STEM Family Night” a success

DHH Lengel’s STEM Family Night was held on March 19. It was an event held in the cafeteria and auditorium for grades 5 through 8. Representatives from the Leonardo DaVinci Science Center came to present at the event. They came to conduct experiments and lead us through stations to help us be creative.

The night was divided into two events. The first event was a demonstration in the auditorium with a representative conducting various experiments. She asked participants to predict what they thought would happen, and then she explained the cause and effect of the experiments to the audience.

The second part of the night included fun stations for the students to rotate through. For example, there were real human and animal brains displayed in glass containers! There were also building blocks that allowed the kids at the event to build creative structures. One experiment allowed us to create devices out of paper cones. After creating the devices, we then had to place the creations into a tube. The goal was to make the creation light enough to float in the tube.

Mrs. Lipton, a Title I teacher here at DHHL, said that she and a few other teachers wanted to hold a STEM Family Night so that parents could see what their children are learning at school. She also said that they wanted an event for parents and their kids to to spend time together doing something educational. Finally, she said that “STEM” covers a lot of interests and that the teachers noticed that Lengel students are particularly interested in STEM activities.

I thought that Title I STEM Family Night was a very interesting and fun event to attend. If the event is held again next year, I highly recommend you consider attending!