Countdown to summer


Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Students at DHHL cannot wait for summer vacation, and since we are now in the fourth marking period, it is less than 50 days away! June 21st is the first official day of summer in 2019. Have a blast and go crazy! There are so many things you can do like playing with friends, going on vacation, going to the pool, relaxing, and playing outside just to name a few. Many students and staff from DHHL have so many things they love to do during the summer and so many things to look forward to.

5th grader Justine Siminitus said, “My favorite part of the summer are having sleepovers, hanging out with friends, and swimming.”

6th grader Lauren Kelly and 5th grader Aubrey Snyder both agreed that their favorite part of summer vacation is going to the beach. 5th grade teacher Miss Shappell said, “My favorite part of the summer is going to Heisler’s.”

As you know, since we had many snow days this winter, the last day of school has been pushed back. As of today, our last day of school is Monday, June 10. Everyone cross your fingers that we have no more snow days so that we can start to enjoy our summer break!