Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


We all know that Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up soon. It is on the 17 of March (which is tomorrow!), and a lot of us celebrate that day. Did you know Saint Patrick’s Day is the 76th day of the year and the 11th week? Saint Patrick died on March 17th, so we celebrate on his death day, but we don’t celebrate his death. Many people think Saint Patrick’s three leaf clover stands for father, son, and Holy Spirit but this is not necessarily true. Many people view clovers as symbols of luck also. The first Saint Patrick’s Day parade was in New York City in the 1760s. The Saint Patrick’s day color is green, but it used to be blue. Green is a prominent color on the flag of Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day actually celebrates Saint Patrick because he was the first one to bring Christianity to Ireland. Do you eat or do something special on Saint Patrick’s Day?