Teacher Tales: Mrs. Maroukis


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Mrs. Maroukis is a math and special education teacher at DHH Lengel and she loves teaching. Before teaching at DHHL, she taught 4th grade at John S. Clarke. She has two sons, both boys, named Averey and Ashton. Averey is 13 and in 7th grade here, and Ashton is nine and attends JSC. The Maroukis family has a dog named Finn. Mrs. Maroukis loves to visit Disney World on vacation, and she can’t wait to go again in January!

In her spare time, Mrs. Maroukis loves baking and drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee, though she’s trying to give up her coffee habit. Her favorite candy is Sour Patch straws. She loves to wear dresses and clothing that is comfortable. In her spare time, she’s often attending Averey and Ashton’s extracurricular activities and sporting events. She loves eating school lunches, especially pierogies.

Make sure you give Mrs. Maroukis a greeting next time you walk past room 107!