Teacher Tales: Mrs. Pothering


Interstate Studios

Mrs. Pothering is a new science teacher here at DHHL, and you can find her teaching in room 212. She has a German shepherd named Nash, and lives with her husband and daughter. If she won a thousand dollars, she would put it towards a vacation. If Mrs. Pothering could choose where to go on vacation, she would go to Jamaica.

Her celebrity crush is Milo Ventimiglia (you can see him as Jack on “This is Us!”) If she could turn into any animal for a day, she would choose a bird because she’s always wanted to fly. Her favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.

She likes teaching at DHHL so far. She loves teaching because she loves learning about the students’ different personalities. If she wasn’t a teacher, she would be a zoologist because she loves animals.

We are lucky to have Mrs. Pothering as a new staff member at DHHL. If you don’t have her for science class this year, maybe you will next year. Make sure you greet her in the second floor hallway!