Teacher Tales: Mr. Sajone


Mr. Sajone has two children; a four-year-old son named Nico, and a one-year-old son named Knox. If you didn’t think that was exciting enough, he also has a daughter on the way who will be born very soon. How tall is Mr. Sajone? Well, he is 6’1″. He played football in both high school and college, and his favorite football team is the Chicago Bears.

Mr. Sajone was a social studies teacher before he became a dean. Starting as a teacher and interacting with kids is what made him want to become the dean at DHHL. He has been the dean for many years now. The most common thing kids get in trouble for, he said, is misbehaving in class and being disrespectful. He wishes both of those discretions could improve here at school. He doesn’t like to yell at kids, but it comes as part of the job of being dean. He said that when he gets mad, he mumbles under his breath.

His favorite school lunch is macaroni and cheese, and he loves working at DHHL. I hope you liked getting to learn more about our dean, Mr. Sajone.