Teacher Tales: Mrs. Digris


Mrs. Digris’s birthday is October 8, and she is a 5th grade teacher who teaches in room 204. Mrs. Digris went to Bloomsburg University, West Chester University, and Wilkes University. Her favorite TV show is “Grey’s Anatomy,” and her favorite movies are “Steel Magnolias” and “Father of the Bride.” Mrs. Digris’s favorite animal is a dog, and her favorite place to go on vacation is the beach. Her favorite color is green, and her favorite holiday is Christmas. In school, her favorite subject to teach is math. Her favorite food and drink are steak and Guers iced tea.

Mrs. Digris’s favorite store is Ann Taylor. She has 4 daughters; Nora, 6; Ella, 8; Kerrigan, 12; and Abbey, 15 turning 16. Her favorite football teams are Notre Dame and the Philadelphia Eagles. Two interesting facts about her are her sister teaches kindergarten at JSC and her husband, Joel, has a band named “Toolshed Jack.” I hope you had fun learning about Mrs. Digris!