Teacher Tales: Mrs. Holobetz


Mrs. Holobetz’s birthday is August 20. She is married to Corey Holobetz and has two sons named Josh and Corey. They have a puggle and his name is Benny. Her favorite sports are football, basketball, softball, and watching diving. Her favorite foods are pizza and tacos. She is funny and a very nice person. Mrs. Holobetz is busy because she teaches and her room gets hectic. She has a lot of faith in Pottsville. She is president of the Mother’s Football Boosters.

Her favorite snack is chocolate. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Mrs. Holobetz enjoys cooking traditional ethnic foods like halupkies and pierogies. A tradition in the Holobetz house is to get together with friends and make apple pies for their families and friends. She is very excited for the holidays because her son Josh and his friends will be coming home from college. She loves going to the beach. Mrs. Holobetz’s son, Josh, plays football for Lebanon Valley College and her other son, Corey, plays football for Pottsville Area High School. Mrs. Holobetz loves interacting with her students. You can probably see her on the third floor, or anywhere else in the building. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Holobetz, AKA “Mrs. DHHL!”