Teacher Tales: Miss Palina


I am excited to tell you all about a teacher I have known since the beginning of the year named Miss Palina. Miss Palina is DHH Lengel’s art teacher. Her room number is 101. She teaches all grades 5 through 8. Her favorite thing to do as an art teacher is to make projects with clay with all of her students. Her favorite animal is a cat, but she doesn’t have any pets since her cat passed away. Like some other girls, her favorite color is pink. Her birthday is May 20. Her favorite food is pierogies, and her favorite drink is raspberry iced tea. If she had a million dollars, she would pay off her student loans, and go to Mexico on a vacation. In her free time, she loves to travel. She has traveled all over the world! Her favorite sports team is the Philadelphia Eagles. One interesting fact about Miss Palina that not many people know is that she has a twin brother. I hope you enjoyed learning about Miss Palina.