Student Spotlight: Megan Yost

Megan Yost is 11-years-old. She is a 5th grader in Miss Shappell’s class. Megan has two brothers named Darren and Damon who are both in high school. Megan also has a dog named Oakley. When Megan is at home, she is very busy. She plays softball, basketball, and volleyball. A fun fact about Megan is that two years ago, she won the 3rd and 4th grade Girls Basketball Shooting Contest. When Megan is watching college football, she is rooting for Penn State.

When Megan is at school, her favorite subjects are math and ELA. Her favorite special is gym. If you didn’t know, Megan’s uncle is Mr. Wartella! Megan plans on going to Kutztown University to become a baker or sports trainer after she graduates high school. So, even though Megan is new to the school, I hope you learned more about her.