Student Spotlight: Kieran Bush


Kieran was born on July 16, 2008, so she is currently 10-years-old. She is an only child; which means she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. Kieran’s favorite food is pierogies. She participates in cheerleading, acting, and she loves to draw, paint, and do other types of art. She dislikes the game Fortnite, so in her spare time, she likes to play Roblox and Minecraft. She is also in the middle school symphonic band, where she plays the oboe.

She has seven cats and four dogs – wow, that’s a lot of pets! Her favorite animal is an elephant, and her favorite color is green. Kieran’s favorite school lunch is macaroni and cheese, which we had this past Friday, so she definitely enjoyed lunch that day. Finally, her favorite plant is a cactus. Kieran is a loud and proud person, so don’t be afraid to say “hi” to her!