Student Spotlight: Lauren Kelly


Are you ready to learn about a great kid? Well, here we go because you are about to learn all about my friend Lauren Kelly. Lauren Kelly was born on October 9, 2006. She is in 6th grade (as some of you might know), and is 11 years old. She is involved in many after-school activities such as soccer, basketball, softball, and symphonic band, where she plays the saxophone. She is also on the staff of Lengel Lingo and TIDE-TEK. She participates in the after-school program, Schuylkill Achieve, and was on the 24 Challenge team last year. She loves the color purple, and her favorite subject is math. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, and she loves steak, brownies, and orange drink.

One interesting fact about Lauren is that she is a die-hard Penn State fan. I hope you had fun learning about my friend Lauren Kelly. I know I sure had fun writing about her!