Student Spotlight: John Snyder


6th grader John Snyder is in Mrs. Fehr’s homeroom (206). His birthday is May 24, 2006. His favorite color is blue. Although he likes most holidays, Christmas is his favorite. John plays three sports; they are basketball, soccer, and baseball. Of all of the sports he plays, soccer is his favorite. John’s favorite soccer player is Lionel Messi. John also has a favorite basketball player (Kevin Durant), and a favorite football player (Antonio Brown). His favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. His favorite place to go on vacation is to Wildwood, New Jersey in the summer.

He loves all of the Star Wars movies. John’s favorite thing to drink is Gatorade Flow. His favorite thing to do is to play outside. John has three siblings named Aubrey, Hadley, and Blake. Aubrey and Hadley are 10 and are in 5th grade in Mrs. Digris’s class. Blake is 5 and is in kindergarten at John S. Clarke. Lastly, an interesting fact about John is that he was born in Lancaster. I hope you liked learning about my brother John.