The Legend of the Elf on the Shelf


Image by Michelle Scott from Pixabay

Once upon a Christmas miracle, a young elf named Ollie found himself lost in the candy cane forest of the North Pole. He ran and ran but could not find his way out. Hours went by and he found an unfamiliar portal. He jumped with his eyelids shut very tightly. 

He woke up in some kind of cottage in a green meadow. This was new to the young elf. Ollie had never seen such a place. Eagerly, he searched the cottage to find something to indicate where he was. The cottage  had a Christmas tree.

Since it was night time, he knew what had happened. He decided to go up stairs to find three children asleep, the farther he walked in the long dark hallway he saw two people which he though were the children’s parents.

Later while he waited he heard a bang! It was Santa in his red sleigh eager to see him. Santa came to say hi. The elf told him about what happened. Santa decided that the young elf would be the elf that would watch over the children during the Christmas season. He later became know as the all famous elf on the shelf. He went to that house every year from the North Pole to watch over the children in that cottage in the meadow. The end.