Emma’s Big Blizzard

There’s nothing like a year with a good snow storm. Well, for one special little girl, she had more than just a wonderful time playing in the snow!

Emma walked home after a day of school. She was disappointed that winter was ending. Although most of winter is cold and has bad snow, Emma loved sledding and playing with her siblings in the snow. The weather forecast mentioned there might be snow today. Emma saw not even one flake of snow on the ground. She was energetic with the joy of a possible snow day. As she continued to walk home from school, she felt something hit her nose. She rubbed it off, thinking nothing of it. As she continued home, she started to see those little white droppings from the sky. Snow!

She quickly realized it actually was starting to snow. She ran home and told her siblings about the snow droplets. Her siblings were jumping with joy, and they all sat at the window to watch it snow. She checked the weather forecast again, and her eyes bulged as she realized there was going to be anywhere from 10 to 35 inches of snow!

Emma was astonished at how much snow there was destined to be. She ran up to her room. She knew that her mom wouldn’t let her go outside if her room was messy. Luckily, there was just a bit of cleaning to do. Emma also quickly realized that even if it snows, she might still have virtual school. She quickly checked her phone, and was relieved to see that because of how bad it was supposed to be, school was letting us have an old-fashioned snow day tomorrow.

By the time Emma finished her schoolwork and cleaning, it was already 9:00 p.m. She headed to bed hoping that she could get up and go outside and play in the snow early in the morning.

She woke up peacefully and heard the blue jays chirping quietly. She got out of bed and went to her bathroom to wash up. She took a nice, hot shower and rushed downstairs to the smell of pancakes. She took a plate, sat down, ate, and asked her mom if she could go outside. Her mom answered “yes” with a quiet voice. Emma was so excited!

She went upstairs quickly to get some layers on and head outside to play in the snow. There had been 24 inches of snow overnight! She ran around outside playing. She was so happy that it snowed and she was able to have a snow day.

A few days later, after the snow cleared, winter had ended and flowers had started to bloom. That was Emma’s big blizzard.