A Gift from the Heart


Catti-Brie Kunkleman

Freshman Ally Taylor painted this as a gift for her mother. "My mom really likes pink," she said, "Pink, yellow, and purple are really nice colors to mix."

Catti-Brie Kunkleman

Artists draw inspiration from many different sources. Happiness, sadness, love. To express their feelings on something, whether it be a political statement or a discovery about themselves. For some, artists use their work to give back. Freshman Ally Taylor created this painting as a gift for someone in her life.

Was there a specific meaning behind this painting?

It was a gift for my mom on Mother’s Day.

What was your inspiration for this painting?

Well, my mom really likes quotes, and I really like the way I painted the clouds. I thought the quote fit perfectly with the painting.

How/or why did you pick the color scheme for this painting?

My mom really likes pink. Pink, yellow, and purple are really nice colors to mix, and I thought it looked cute.

Do you like the overall outcome of the painting?

I think it came out nicely. I could’ve done better, but yeah, it’s nice.