The Vicious Truth


jill111 (pixabay)

Every single day, they watch us like a hawk.

We were given voices, but we aren’t allowed to talk.

All of us are placed into one long, straight line.

We all must be perfect, not good, not fine.

It’s now getting foggy, and thoughts are ceasing.

Why are all the dreams and creativity decreasing?

However, they can yell, and say it’s all because of the way we act.

They are just upset because of the well-known fact.

I no longer have memories to reminisce.

I’m being taken into a quiet, mindless bliss.

Our imaginations are soon to disintegrate.

This is all that is left, this is our fate.

The youth of this generation is being terminated.

Brainless creatures are being created.

Smiles and laughs turn into stone and silence.

Why is this, just because of a little defiance?

You believe we are evil, with no intelligence or love.

Do you not remember what your youth consisted of?