Writer’s Corner: Megan Burns


Inter-State Studio

Sophomore Megan Burns

Megan Burns, sophomore, has been writing poetry since fifth grade. “I have a pretty big vocabulary, and I like to use fancier words. Poetry gives me a chance to use them,” Burns said. Burns wrote her featured poem, Storms, on a rainy day. “I was having a pretty bad day, and the rain was like a diffuser for my anxiety,” Burns said. She uses nature in her poetry because it provides “good symbolism.” Megan doesn’t plan on having a major career in writing, but plans to continue it as a hobby.


I’ve been tied down with iron knots,

Twisted, rusted chains.

The only sound that I can hear

Is gentle, falling rain.

Some lightning flashes, here or there,

And once, some thunder booms.

The binding’s not as tight now,

More spacious is the room.

Although I cannot free myself,

I don’t mind staying here.

Despite my situation,

The storm has calmed my fear.