What’s cookin’, Pottsville?

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The Wheel


There is nothing about a good grilled cheese sandwich that cannot brighten your day, and the Wheel truly never disappoints. The menu includes a variety from pierogis on your sandwich to crabby fries. Not everyone likes this many carbs, so there are also soup and salad options in addition to desserts like lava cake and Yuengling ice cream. All of our food came very quickly, but the fries were not done in time, so Liz got some free homemade chips as well as her order of fries. Each of us got various sandwiches with different toppings such as bacon and macaroni and cheese. Overall, the Wheel had very good food, fast service and an urban feel to it. The service was very speedy (except the fries we got late). We would recommend the Wheel to anyone looking for a filling and different kind of meal.

Bake Shop 6


Who doesn’t love some fresh bread from a bakery? There were various homemade breads, but the bakery sold much more than bread. In addition to breads, there were pretzels, mini-desserts and truffles. In the display window, there were tiny desserts that were very eye-catching. We got a sample tray with different breads and desserts. The best thing on the tray was the homemade pretzel that melted in your mouth. A close second was the chocolate truffles rolled in powder. Overall, the restaurant was very personal and had very tasty food. We would recommend Bake Shop 6 to anyone looking for some fresh bread or a small snack before work or another activity.


Could Tony’s be the new Roma? Much of their food is similar to many other Italian restaurants. The inside of Tony’s is small but tasteful. Jared was disappointed by his warm soda, but that was not the only disappointment of the meal. Liz wanted to order broccoli pizza, but they did not have any pizzas with unique toppings available. We all ordered garlic knots, but they hadn’t made any yet that day. When our meals came out, there were two kinds of food: we either had a super bland dish or super tasty meal. While Tony’s is mostly known for its pizza, which certainly did live up to standards, the rest of the food was rather bland. Overall, Tony’s was very good, but it did not live up to expectations. We would recommend Tony’s to anyone looking for a quick meal like a slice of pizza.

Asian Express


Who can ever give up an opportunity for some good Chinese food? The newest restaurant in downtown Pottsville serves both Thai and Chinese food. The restaurant is a mix between a take out place and a sit down restaurant, which is something you do not see often at Chinese restaurants. The menu is filled with every Chinese and Thai dish you could think of, from spicy garlic chicken to stir fry. One thing that stood out about the menu was all the vegetarian and spicy options, and any vegetarian knows that it is hard to find quality tofu. Once our meals arrived, the food was a little cold, but the different sauces were very good and spicy. Overall, Asian Express did not disappoint our high expectations too much. We would recommend Asian Express to anyone craving a Chinese food kind of day because it is one of the best Asian restaurants around.