Swim and Dive States Cancelled


Photo by Greta Snukis

The PIAA State Swimming And Diving Championships have been held at Bucknell University for many years. After Thursday, March 11, 2020, all remaining swimming and dive events were cancelled for the rest of the week. Swimmer Taleah Ruben said, “I was very upset with states being postponed. With everything being closed, I cannot continue my training.”

For Pottsville swimmers, junior Zadian Van Orden and sophomore Taleah Ruben, the decision to postpone States was more than just a disappointment. Like athletes across the country, COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in their postseason events, as well as their entire spring season and training schedules.

Junior Zaidian Van Orden was preparing to make his third States run when news hit that it would be indefinitely postponed and possibly even canceled.

Van Orden said, “I don’t think it was necessary to postpone states. They should’ve still had it. Postponing states will most likely mess up my times. For practice I’m going to have to train everyday until the day of states to when it is scheduled next. I’m not too sure what coach Hampford is going to have me do at practice, but I’m sure he has a plan.”

All of the possible training facilities are closed, and the uncertainty of the virus’s future is providing a bleak outlook to athletes.

Sophomore Taleah Ruben said, “I was upset with States being postponed because I was excited and well prepared to swim. With everything being closed because of the virus, I cannot continue to practice. It’s really going to affect my training because I am unable to swim. In the future, I hope States will be rescheduled.”